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Kuwesa was started in the year 2007 as an income generating project for support groups, many of whom were H.I.V widows. Kuwesa then began to supply H.I.V + individuals with Bio-sand water filters to produce clean water without the use of energy or chemicals. This system was popular among those who received because within one week chronic diarrhea disappeared and all who shared the filter “felt better”.

Although the original purpose was to improve the health of those who were HIV+, the most obvious result was the reduction of mortality from diarrheal diseases and malaria in the 2-5 year olds. In the pilot area of Maganda, the availability of easy safe water through the use of Bio-sand water filters reduced mortality from 5 children per year to 0.

Kuwesa garden was begun by having the local acidic soil corrected with lime. Experiments were begun to test inter-cropping and different varieties of seeds. Indigenous vegetables were planted and encouraged. The garden staff also did demonstration projects at schools and community health centres to demonstrate the effectiveness of soil correction, raised seed beds and other innovations.

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