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Training a support group to make bio sand filters for safe water

Sifting sand to prepare it to be mixed with concrete


  1. Jean spoke at our Meeting last week and mentioned that your group would like a knitting machine to make school sweaters for the children. I have been looking around, and found this shop on ETSY. This shop owner seems knowledgeable and personable. I don’t know anything about knitting machines, but I am ready to learn, if you would like me to work on this.

    Here is one of the machines this woman has. I believe it is the right gauge for the sweaters you want to make.

    1. Halo Dear, Thank you so much for the mail, My Name is Eric and I am the technical person for Jean, I am not sure if Jean has responded to this mail Yet, Just as you said she is in the US now. Please do you mind sending her a direct mail, she may not have seen this one, she will check to see if its the right machine. If I was to give judgement I think the machine is very fine for the sweaters. below is her direct mail, you can also forward a copy to my mail.

      Kind regards

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